since 1946

Regensburger Knackersemmel

mit Allem


We invented it: the original Regensburger Knackersemmel, a delicious Regensburg-style sausage topped with everything served in a bun.


We've been selling sausages on Neupfarrplatz in Regensburg, Germany for four generations and 70 years, come rain, come shine. For you! Because when you're hungry, then only an original will do.  


A grand tradition. A Bavarian tradition. A tradition that should not be missed when visiting Regensburg.


A pleasure without regrets.


Of course, in addition to our classic Regensburger Knackersemmel served with everything (sweet mustard,   spicy horseradish, and spicy dill pickle), we offer lots of   other goodies. Whether with or without pork, it's a piece of Bavarian culture and deserves to be honored!



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Mehr anzeigen

Our suggestion for those who like to sample many tastes at once: the Original Regensburger Grill Plate, featuring an Original Regensburger, a fried Weisswurst (veal and pork sausage), and two bratwursts.


A little bit of everything with everything.


And for just a little snack, we recommend:


- Bratwurstsemmel

  (bratwurst on a bun)

- Knackersemmel

  (Regensburg sausage on a bun)

- Weißwurstsemmel

  (veal and pork sausage on a bun)


Indulge yourself. You deserve it!


You can find us here:

Neupfarrplatz, 93047 Regensburg, Germany


Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday 8.30AM - 4.00PM

Tradition verpflichtet. Und Nachhaltigkeit ist für uns eine Selbstverständlichkeit in all unserem Tun.


Nicht lange suchen – Event buchen. Mit unserem mobilen Würstl-Stand bringen wir die Regensburger mit Allem zu Ihnen.


Montag bis Freitag 8:30 bis 14:00 Uhr

Samstag 10:00 bis 14:00 Uhr


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